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Emotional intelligence are integral to the success of any digital marketing campaigns. According to a recent article by HubSpot, an emotionally intelligent team member is a valuable contributor to any team environment, as they are described as Curious, Self-motivated and Empethetic. This is because they have an inherent understanding of how human beings react and respond to different situations and cirsumstantces they do face. In other words, they are excellent decision-makers when it comes to inbound marketing, content marketing, creative campaign creations, useful networking and engagements through social and omni-channel digital movements.

6 Emotional Intelligence Factors contributing to a Contagious Content

In recent era, digital marketing is all about talking to humans, connecting and engaging with people, strengthening relationships and making your customers feel, think and act. The following 6 imotional intelligence factors contributing to a contagious content are as follows:

1. Emotional intelligence – Content provokes an emotional response. For example, human real-life stories, charity campaigns and motivational tips can make a content interactive.
2. Stories – Story telling along with a human approach and engage from within will engage your content readers from the start into deep.
3. Public – An relevant content protect a brand and adds value to the overall brand equity in longer run.
4. Practical use – An interactive content with an how-to guides, in-depth studies and video tutorials and even sources make it a contagious one and can catch the attention of wider audience in the longer run.
5. Social currency – Any thought-provoking article might influence relevant audience and create brand advocacy and worth shareable through different digital channels.
6. Triggers – Any content telling compelling stories, links and past references always win and gets lots of favourites.
Emotional Intelligence and Level of Engagement

Digital marketers always get better at understanding and acknowledging customer’s needs and priorities through emotional intelligence. They value personal responses filled with human kindness, empathy, warmth and understanding. A Yale University study focused on ‘Emotional Intelligence and Social Interaction’ found a positive correlation between the ability to manage emotions effectively and the quality of social interactions emotionally intelligent people enjoyed. Digital marketers can use this information to build relationships with our customers both online and offline.
Foster Deep Engagement Through Emotional Intelligence

Digital marketers do identify new revenue opportunities by studying customers’ online behavior. They respond to social media complaints with empathy and kindness. They They then add comments on social media and take the time to create a personal and authentic response. So in this process, it is significant that a digital marketer do motivate yourself oneself to look for opportunities, where one can help out an influencer online and then identify customer issues arising repeatedly and provide solutions based on listening and understanding.
Finally, emotional intelligence is about listening and putting your customers’ needs first. Used in the right way it can give any business a competitive advantage through an excellent customer experience. Another digital marketing perspective worth to share the best innovations — both socially and economically — which comes from the pursuit of ideals that are noble and timeless based upon joy, wisdom, beauty, truth, equality, community, sustainability and, most of all, love. These are the things we live for and that’s why it is righly said that the heart of digital innovation is a desire to re-enchant the world.


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