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The single biggest way of getting new customers is to have the ability to market and communicate what you do – effectively.

But what that translates as in their mind is “I need to run some ads”. So they look for an advertising media that is most convenient or sometimes whichever on takes their fancy on that particular day, whether it be newspaper, flyer, magazine, yellow pages, TV, Radio, Online or whatever it may be and then they simple run an ad.

But the fact is, this is NOT Marketing by a long shot. It’s ADVERTISING.

Marketing is the message you communicate IN the media and not the media itself.

The most important part of your marketing material – the messaging – was put together for free by people who usually have no idea how to create a compelling message anyway and most probably cut and pasted some generic information they found from your website or brochure. When you think of marketing, you need to start thinking about your message – don’t think of the media first – think of the messaging.

Step 1 – Diagnose And Quantify Your Marketplace

– Do you know the average age of your customer?

– Do you know if the majority of them are Male or Female?

– Do you know what their financial status is?

– Do you know if they are single or married?

– Do you know if they have kids

– Do you know what their likes, dislikes and interests are?

– Do you know what newspapers and magazines they read?

You see, when you begin to know the answers to these kind of questions, you’ll start to build up a good understanding of who your ideal customers or clients are, what they think about, their hot buttons, their pet hates and the kind of person they are.

So, now let me give you 4 strategies to diagnose and quantify who your customers or clients actually are.

1. Face-to-Face – Conduct an interview with your best customers and clients. This one will always yield the best result because you get to see and react to their responses.

2. Telephone – Jump on the phone to conduct an interview if you can’t get them in person.

3. Survey – If you have a customer database which you can email. Surveying is a brilliant tool to use to find out more about your customers. A couple of surveying tools you can use for this is which is free for the first 100 responses or Google Forms which is 100% free and is in the google docs section (if you have a google account).

4. Detective Approach – If you know any large, high traffic websites which sell the same kind of products or services as you do, you can use a variety of website tools which will provide you with a great insight into the demographic of the websites customer database.

Step 2 – Crafting and Strategising A Compelling Message

In this step we’ll show you how your ads can stand out, become completely different to your competition and how you can structure them to gain the highest response and bottom line, generate you more customers.

It goes back to what we spoke about earlier, when we said, if you don’t know your customers, all your advertising becomes generic and these ads are what we mean by generic. They are not talking directly to their prospects and are not answering the questions which will compel them to take action.


In other words, knowing who your ideal customer or client is and then crafting the right message which resonates, compels and demonstrates a clear reason to what they will gain when taking action, is a much more effective way than just putting out generic style messaging. And then and only then do you start looking and choosing what the most appropriate and best media to use in order to relay your message to your ideal customer or client.

Step 3 – Strategic Distribution of Your Message

The thing is, not all media is created equal. You need to hand pick the best and most appropriate media that will work with both your message and your business.

A lot of marketing agencies try to sell businesses on applying every kind of media out there. Instead of helping them strategically distribute their message using the ones that would work best for their business and then focusing on making them generate the highest possible results.

Which is why the first step in this report is so crucial in making all the steps we’ve outlined work together. And it will help get you the highest response in your advertising and above all get you the most amount of customers or clients and earn you the most amount of money that you possible can. So let me give you two really quick and easy techniques to use to increase the chances of choosing the right media first time round…

1. Media Packs : Grabbing a media pack from your chosen media type is a great starting point. The great thing about requesting media packs is, 8 times out of 10 they have a section called ‘Audience Demographics’.

2. Facebook Ads : If the advertisers have a facebook page, run your offer to their fans first as they will give you a good idea whether our offer will work with the advertiser you pay to put an ad actually with them.

So now all that is left to say is – TAKE ACTION. Actually to recap that, take MASSIVE ACTION. Your business results are solely based on how much you want it. So go out their, take action and make a difference.

Chandreyi Saha, Director of Marketing at Skyline

Chandreyi Saha is the Director of Marketing at Skyline where she combines a metrics driven approach with a commitment to creating an exceptional brand experience. She has a knack for communicating inspired tech solutions to mainstream audiences and, with over a decade of experience in offline and online marketing arena, she gets results. In addition to her role at Skyline, Chandreyi is passionate about reading digital marketing industry publications, travelling and socialising. Find her on Google+ or follow her on Twitter @chandreyisaha.

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