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A Guide to Marketing in 2015

In 2015, we see search, social, PR, data and mobile become linked, connected and customer-centric. We’ll be able to automate certain tasks, but we’ll still need to create human connections that make our brands stand out to our customers. Here are some trends that we see:

Search providers are looking for diversity of content, in addition to the ideas of relevancy.

Email is evolving in conjunction with marketing automation and big data.

Data: We’ll have access to more of it (“big” or otherwise) than ever – is your organisation set up to take advantage with processes, products, services or offers?

Real-time marketing: This will come of age, and you don’t have to be Oreo, with a Superbowl “war room” of creative folks, to jump on it.

Marketing automation : This will allow email triggers, social media replies and sales interest follow-ups to happen with limited human intervention.

Customer experience: Can you balance automation with the effort to treat each customer as an individual who may turn any interaction with your brand into online news?

Experts and leading brands are already making these opportunities happen as we write. For this guide, we joined forces with several of them to help us explore 2015’s marketing landscape so that you can budget, plan and succeed.



  3. as of 9/24/13
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