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Create a Conversation with Your Customers:
Social media marketing can be an invaluable mechanism for building brand loyalty, engaging with your customers, driving website traffic and exposing new and relevant audiences to your brand. The question is – which social media platforms does your business need to be on and how do you utilize those platforms in the best way? As we all know this is the age of digital and the use of integrated digital tools including social increases brand advocacy and loyalty in all means, it is significant to opt for an omni-channel social media strategy.
In other words, social media is all about establishing a channel for building enhanced brand experience through increased engagement and ongoing conversation. At Skyline, our social media consultancy and different social branding packages depending on your requirements will help you get the dialogue started, helping establish guiding a content schedule and managing either your internal or third party i.e, Skyline writers. This will also include integrating your social media efforts with your SEO & website/blog content creation strategy.
Overall, Social Media Management includes:

?    Content creation for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ based on an editorial calendar that contains compelling, shareable assets to humanize the brand & drive engagement.
?    Amplifying positive experiences with the brand by repurposing reviews and user generated content for posting.
?    Community management that focuses on interacting with users on all platforms to fuel brand advocacy and encourage continued engagement.
?    Continually evaluate the performance of posts & adjust strategy to achieve the best reach, impressions & engagement based on monthly reporting of goals.

Paid Social Media Management:

?    If your goals would be best achieved through social ad spend, ?    Skyline can act as your Social Media Marketing agency and develop comprehensive social advertising campaigns on:
?    Facebook
?    LinkedIn
?    Twitter
We know what works and what doesn’t work for brands – and we’re ready to give you guidance on all your social media efforts. This program will provide you with helpful social media deliverables catered to your industry and your social media needs. We’ll also provide monthly reports on your social media efforts and discuss opportunities and recommendations for your current social media strategy.

Chandreyi specializes in building engaged online communities and sparking conversations about business-to-business marketing trends while at Skyline Group. Follow her at Google+ or tweet her at @chandreyisaha.

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