Life as a Startup UX

Startup life can be a whirlwind. One day you’re struggling to create a perfect prototype and the next you can be suddenly bombarded by skyrocketing sales and customer demand. As you reach a critical stage of growth, it’s important that you maintain the same level of focus and stay true to the values and  required UX and customer service that got your company off the ground in this steep competition.
Again, within a startup community, growing pains mean that your business is headed in the right direction—when you’re dealing with a lot of turmoils in the moment. But in the real scenario, probably you don’t feel that way. Instead of feeling like you’re thriving, your mind is fighting and looking for resources to keep your small startup afloat. Knowing that you needed a solution to help scale your company, invest in a strategy solution that’s short-term at best and create bottlenecks for your growth plan in medium and probably long run.
When your business reaches an important stage of growth, it’s critical that you double-down and stick to your values for top-notch UX and customer service. Here are three stories to guide you as a digital startup.

  1. Animoto streamlines account renewals without tradeoffs to its growth models

Animoto is a popular video creation service that helps its customers transform photo and video clips into polished, personalized recordings by combining them with text, music, and pre-designed templates. Memberships range from monthly to annual plans.
Until recently, Animoto customers would receive a series of email-based renewal messages when yearly or monthly subscriptions were approaching their end. The challenge was that customers were hesitant to log back into the site to update their account information. Animoto was both growing and experiencing customer churn at the same time.
The company’s leadership team knew that they needed a new payments solution, but they were unwilling to sacrifice UX and customer experience for a “quick fix.” After testing multiple solutions, Animoto realized that they needed a platform with enough flexibility to support the company’s referral program. Rather than changing their own processes, they sought out technology that could adapt to existing business processes. This search led them to Braintree.

  1. TaskRabbit streamlines costs while maintaining strong UX

When businesses scale, so do expenses—and the price points that worked for your small organization may counteract your margins and growth goals. Startups may feel pressured to stay locked into services or fees that have supported their early operations and UX. As you grow, however, it’s important to take a step back and re-evaluate your new technology. It may be time to change your infrastructure.
Errands marketplace TaskRabbit recently went through this process when switching payment providers. The company wanted to reduce its payment processing costs and create infrastructure for further expansion. After researching multiple payment gateways, TaskRabbit found Braintree and realized that it would be possible to reduce overhead while still maintaining a high quality UX. The partnership has supported TaskRabbit’s aggressive growth at a reasonable price point, with absolutely no customer experience tradeoffs.

  1. HotelTonight prioritizes simplicity and reliability

HotelTonight aims to make its user experience simple and streamlined for its customer base. This mindset is crucial to the company’s business model, which connects travelers with last-minute hotel deals. As part of this vision, HotelTonight maintains an editorial layer for its app. Instead of relying on hotel-provided photos, the company recruits its own photographers and writes its own reviews. This objective perspective proves valuable information for travelers who are looking to make spur of the moment travel decisions.
HotelTonight is scaling quickly, but it does not want to sacrifice this simplicity and reliability in any aspect of its business. In its search for a payment gateway that supports aggressive growth targets while providing a strong user experience to customers, HotelTonight found its way to Braintree.
HotelTonight relies on Braintree to store user data for repeat bookings and to ensure that payment processing times are quick and secure.
Finally, as the company scales, its user experience remains steady. As your company grows, you need to work with partners that can support your values while providing a seamless user experience. And as your company thrives, the best of these worlds is only possible, at a minimal cost. Vet your partners carefully and make sure that you choose vendors that can support your business over the long term without any disruption.

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