8 Lead Generation Tools is the Key

Lead generation is a key activity for every business, however, capturing high-quality leads is one of the biggest challenges most small businesses face today. You may have heard online lead generation is very efficient, and offers low cost marketing strategy for more targeted and qualified leads. How do you generate more leads from your online… Read more »

Context is Important in B2B programmatic

Programmatic for B2B promises to help marketers reach niche audiences at a scale they could only dream of in the past. While today there are many sources of 3rd party aggregated data and branded data from publishers that can target specific audiences, very rarely do these take into consideration one very important point, which is… Read more »

3 Digital Marketing Strategies to Adopt by B2B Startups

Change is the only constant in the digital marketing landscape. To stay abreast, businesses have to pay complete and dedicated attention to the evolution and various developments that are happening in the digital marketing technology space. Especially for B2B startup agencies, it is important to take note of the specific digital trends that could up the… Read more »

Anatomy of an Efficient Marketer

Marketers are expected to be data-driven and analytical. We want them to show knowledge of marketing technology and willingness to test and explore new areas. On the other, every company wants its own Don Draper, who will spread creative ideas around, produce amazing content and provide insight into consumer psychology. The Salesmanago infographic as shown… Read more »

Marketer’s Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing

Regardless of channels, consumers and prospects expect more than a generic product experience, they want to feel an affinity for a brand. This gives marketers an opportunity to build better, lasting relationships by consistently delivering content that encourages engagement. This guide from Oracle outlines how to start creating the most cohesive, valuable and connected customer experience possible…. Read more »

How to be a Better Marketer

I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of marketers of different styles, environments, and outcomes on both the client and agency side over my 13-plus years as a marketer. It is part of the fun of agency life that I can then compare and contrast the results. From that experience, I have found that some marketers… Read more »

8 Tips for your Small Business Marketing Success

Business owners and marketing directors are bombarded with advice, which are often conflicting advice and continuous sales pitches for the latest marketing solutions that are sure to double their sales. In this post, we’re going to help you cut through the noise and help you focus on what we believe are the most important elements of the… Read more »

Marketing Automation Revolution Trends

From evolution to revolution : Marketing Automation While the rate of adoption continues to rise, there remains room for improvement in marketing automation technology. The merger of web analytics, email capability and the Marketing Resource Management (MRM) which paved the way for marketing automation as we understand it today. Adam goes on to discuss the debate over… Read more »