Best Ways to Increase Page Views on Your Blog

Increasing the page views on your blog is a huge task to attract visitors. Because if the readers tend move away to another website without clicking at another pages of blog, it would increase the bounce rates. Hence certain effective steps should be taken so the viewers can embrace your blog, as it is more… Read more »

Content Marketing Plan That Drives Better Results

While planning our content strategy, we put ample of focus on the tools we would use to for marketing our content like email, browser push notifications and social media but often forgets to focus on the core planning. “ A job well planned is half done” Like any other content marketer, the one thing I… Read more »

Building Your Content Marketing Strategy

Do you need help planning and implementing your content marketing strategy? Would you like to know how to create content that will resonate with your potential customers? As we all know within today’s digital disruptive arena, automated content is the next. Consistently generating and share-worthy interactive content isn’t easy, in fact add a plan in place that… Read more »

Impact of Content Marketing on Lead Generation

Content marketing can generate plenty of different types of business results within B2B digital marketing arena. It’s good for inbound marketing, i.e, website traffic and customer retention. Some companies use it just to build awareness, but for most companies, “building your business” means leads. More leads, and better leads For many companies, leads are the number… Read more »

Content Marketing To Build Startup Brand Awareness

Unlike traditional revenue-driven advertising, branded content marketing focuses on creating relevant and value-adding content in order to increase brand awareness and eventually, to build your customer base. Branded content marketing is a place to create and reveal positive, productive content that celebrates the individuality of your company and that engages consumers by revealing your personality. At… Read more »

5 Ways to Build Your Content That Converts

So you got yourself a new website designed, you threw together a few lines of content for each page, and you’re wondering why your visitors aren’t getting in contact? It’s obviously the designers fault! Perhaps the content you hastily put together just doesn’t cut it with your target audience. Take the time to read over it and… Read more »

Content-first Web Design

Content is one of the most important parts of your website. This allows your designers to gain insight into your company’s personality so your design can be aligned with it. You wait until you get a nice set of designs that you approve, then proceed to build out content that may or may not even fit the layout…. Read more »

5 Steps to create High Quality Content

With data and insights from Entrepreneur, Unbounce, NewsCred, Kapost, and more, Express Writers illustrates some of the most dangerous “poor quality” pitfalls that content marketers encounter, and shares the following steps to help you produce quality content every time. Write About What You Know: No amount of research can match the insight and natural knowledge… Read more »

The End of Flash is Nigh

In August 2015, IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) sent an open letter to its members advising them to leave flash behind and embrace the industry-standard, universal and responsive format, HMTL5. This is only one of a series of catastrophes for Flash. We chart the steps in the infographic as shown below [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row].