Your Lead Scoring Toolkit

Lead scoring is designed to give your organisation the best possible understanding of a business lead’s potential and ensure any positive engagements are handled in a timely and professional manner. Lead scoring takes into account factors such as email, social media and website engagement, along with other details such as job title, geography and demographics when… Read more »

Redefine Client Experience

Professional appointment setting services break the sales process down in distinct steps, and have specialized professional’s focus on each of those steps. Therefore, instead of having one person build a list of prospects, screen them, identify buyers in need of your product or service and in a position to make a buying decision, set the… Read more »

Impact of Content Marketing on Lead Generation

Content marketing can generate plenty of different types of business results within B2B digital marketing arena. It’s good for inbound marketing, i.e, website traffic and customer retention. Some companies use it just to build awareness, but for most companies, “building your business” means leads. More leads, and better leads For many companies, leads are the number… Read more »

Audit Checklist for your Email Marketing Toolkit

To start the quarter on a good note, catch errors and identify opportunities for optimization via a thorough audit of your email program. Taking a look at how things are running right now is also worthwhile to rectify within your email marketing campaigns space. In the hustle and bustle of campaign planning, creation, and execution it’s easy to lose… Read more »