Emerging Principles of a Good Design

Dieter Rams compiled a wonderful set of design principles that I have referred to frequently over the years. He used his principles to help answer his own question “is my design good design?” Inspired by his thinking, I’ve been reflecting on some of my own project experiences. I’ve always thought that ‘good design’ was about creating simple,… Read more »

Lean Product Management and Design Thinking to Create Design Sprint

The lean methodology has an embedded structure that helps you test hypotheses quickly at minimal cost. But the question is, how to generate your hypothesis? It isn’t quite easy to discover the needs of customers if you haven’t identified their “pain points” by being in their shoes. This is where design thinking comes in. It… Read more »

Conversion Rate Optimisation Through A/B Testing

The process of A/B testing uses statistical analysis to measure ad performance and consumer choice. Originally positioned as a tool used for email communications to test subject lines as well as colour and design, A/B testing has since grown in its capabilities. It is now an important part of all advertising campaigns. While A/B testing… Read more »

Game Thinking Workshop

Do you want to harness the deep power of games to build a more compelling product? Do you want to leverage the insider gaming techniques That results breakthrough hits with brainstorming idea thinking process? You can follow Amy here.