UK Digital Small Business Index 2016

Lloyds Bank have recently published their UK Business Digital Index for 2016 as on Oct 19, 2016, which analyses small businesses and charities attitudes and behaviour towards digital technology skills and talent gap. In other words, the report demonstrated a few key problems that small businesses are facing. The first alarming issue is that there is 1.44 million small… Read more »

10 Essential Actions for Digital Transformation in Your Organisation

Digital transformation is only achievable with a change of mindset coupled with enhanced ability across the entire organisation and has significant impact on organisational change. The following ten essential steps have been developed by the ADBL through considerable experience working alongside our partners on multi-faceted digital transformation projects. 10 Essential Actions For Digital Transformation By Avado

Digital Tranformation Insights 2016

From top ranking goals to most challenging hurdles, it reveals the most common pain points but also some striking differences in what progress the public sector as a whole is making towards digital transformation. User experience ought to drive development and result in the benefits we all want: greater efficiency, innovation and cost savings. The recently… Read more »

FSB to launch Women in Enterprise Taskforce

A new report from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) ‘Women in Enterprise: The Untapped Potential’ explores the specific challenges faced by women-led businesses and makes recommendations for improving support, developing mentoring networks and increasing the diversity of business ambassadors. In other words, according to this report, FSB plans to launch a dedicated ‘Women in Enterprise Taskforce’… Read more »

Do You Speak Digital?

Accenture’s new study confirms that digital fluency is the basic skills to use digital devices, applications and the internet is a key factor to accelerating career growth. ACCENTURE 

The Next Three Billion People on Social @ SXSW 2016

With numerous projects and initiatives in place to bring the next 3 billion online, you’re probably wondering what your company can do to get the most out of this new audience. What does this mean for you, as a social media or marketing pro? Buzzfeed’s senior technology reporter Alex Kantrowitz and Hootsuite’s senior manager of… Read more »

The Digital Transformation Journey

Digital transformation and change is inevitable in modern era. If you’re ready to transform your business, here are the steps to follow for success. Its all about now you cope and fit your business strategy for purpose in this digital world. Statistically, its been estimated that by 2018, 67% of all global 2000 enterprises will have… Read more »

5 Ways to Cut Your Start-up Costs

One of the biggest concerns to any fledgling business is start-up costs. When you take the plunge and are getting to grips with running your own start-up business, the question is how can you minimise the costs associated with getting things off the ground? Here are the top five tips for reducing your start-up costs… Read more »

Life as a Startup UX

Startup life can be a whirlwind. One day you’re struggling to create a perfect prototype and the next you can be suddenly bombarded by skyrocketing sales and customer demand. As you reach a critical stage of growth, it’s important that you maintain the same level of focus and stay true to the values and  required… Read more »