How Big Data Will Change The Game With Predictive Analysis

The act of collecting and analyzing data isn’t new. For years, companies have been amassing large quantities of information, from structured data on production, marketing, sales, HR, finance, facilities and operations to transaction-level data on suppliers, customers, and partners. But the concept of Big Data is revolutionary. And it promises to change the game for… Read more »

The Next Digital Transformation

“The Next Digital Transformation” as produced by The Drum, explores how brands approach the challenges and threats that come with the opportunities of innovation and continuous improvement. In fact, in the age of rapid digital change, businesses have to learn to adapt or get left behind. Download Now    

The Blended Attribution Playbook

To accurately measure the impact of online advertising, it’s important to holistically evaluate the performance of your campaigns. One of the best ways to do that is to use a blended attribution model, which measures the impact of your digital marketing by examining both ad views and clicks. In addition to detailing the benefits of… Read more »

Embrace Disruption with Digital Strategy

 The power and joy of technology lies in the opportunity to reinvent processes and introduce entirely new ways of doing things. Here are five ways to make digital disruption with your unique strategy: Focus on the Customer. Too often, business leaders view everything through the filters of marketing, sales and maximizing revenues. Instead of thinking about… Read more »

72% Spotify Listeners are Millennials and Unified Connectors

Music streaming services are more popular than ever and naturally, no group is leading the charge more than millennials. One of the most popular of those services is Spotify, which has been described as the largest global streaming service by Adweek. “We have a deep understanding of millennials from our data on streaming habits,” said Spotify business… Read more »

The Significance of A/B Testing

A/B testing is the scientific way of arriving at the truth, or at least the best option in a given set of conditions. Website A/B testing broadly means testing two versions of a webpage to see which fares better with your visitors and earns you more sales or conversions. Scientists and engineers have been using the… Read more »

Social and Mobile Marketing Data Report 2016

Marketers can be sold on social, but still they are getting their feet on the mobile. Read out this marketing recent trendy data report as below bought to you by Social Media Today, sponsored by Oracle Marketing Cloud. Social & Mobile Marketing Data Report 2016  

The Digital Transformation Journey

Digital transformation and change is inevitable in modern era. If you’re ready to transform your business, here are the steps to follow for success. Its all about now you cope and fit your business strategy for purpose in this digital world. Statistically, its been estimated that by 2018, 67% of all global 2000 enterprises will have… Read more »

5 Steps to create High Quality Content

With data and insights from Entrepreneur, Unbounce, NewsCred, Kapost, and more, Express Writers illustrates some of the most dangerous “poor quality” pitfalls that content marketers encounter, and shares the following steps to help you produce quality content every time. Write About What You Know: No amount of research can match the insight and natural knowledge… Read more »

The Long road to digital transformation

At eSpirit, they surveyed 200 marketing, IT and business leaders to gain insight into the state of digital transformation initiatives. Bottom-line: There is a long road ahead. Digital transformation is one of the hottest topics going today as companies seek to align their businesses to more fully meet the expectations of increasingly more digitally aware customers…. Read more »