How You Achieve Smart Goals says “work smart” is different for every person depending on their unique personal mission statement and definition of success. Having self-awareness allows an individual to prioritize his or her own needs, ask for help, cut losses, and build upon strengths in an intentional manner. In other words, working smart essentially means figuring out what your strengths are… Read more »

Why Every retail problem is an AI problem

When most people think about AI, they think of the splashy stories and applications. They think about DeepMind beating a world champion at Go, Microsoft’s ill-fated Tay experiment, fleets of self-driving cars, Ken Jenning’s Jeopardy! loss: things of that nature. But AI is already woven into the fabric of giant businesses of every stripe, from… Read more »

Creating New Opportunities Around IoT Space

As the IoT world develops, many people are focused on creating connected apps that solve a problem and improve the device experience. In my view, users and enterprises are both better served when, instead of merely creating an IoT app, we create an IoT app with a monetization and an ecosystem-building API so incremental revenue… Read more »

The Next Digital Transformation

“The Next Digital Transformation” as produced by The Drum, explores how brands approach the challenges and threats that come with the opportunities of innovation and continuous improvement. In fact, in the age of rapid digital change, businesses have to learn to adapt or get left behind. Download Now    

Customer- Focused Digital Transformation Whitepaper

Its a big question now-a-days that how will we transform our marketing to digital go-to-market ready strategy. This is all about building a digital-first’ company, where content becomes key to long-term digital business success. In this paper, Web Content Management has truly recognised as the heart of a customer and content focused “digital transformation”. And if… Read more »

10 Essential Actions for Digital Transformation in Your Organisation

Digital transformation is only achievable with a change of mindset coupled with enhanced ability across the entire organisation and has significant impact on organisational change. The following ten essential steps have been developed by the ADBL through considerable experience working alongside our partners on multi-faceted digital transformation projects. 10 Essential Actions For Digital Transformation By Avado

Digital Tranformation Insights 2016

From top ranking goals to most challenging hurdles, it reveals the most common pain points but also some striking differences in what progress the public sector as a whole is making towards digital transformation. User experience ought to drive development and result in the benefits we all want: greater efficiency, innovation and cost savings. The recently… Read more »

Do You Speak Digital?

Accenture’s new study confirms that digital fluency is the basic skills to use digital devices, applications and the internet is a key factor to accelerating career growth. ACCENTURE 

Defining Technology Disruption Infographic

New technology’s relentless parade is unfolding on a plethora of fronts. While not every single emerging innovation is certain to alter the business landscape, some will truly disrupt every facet of a business, cause a change in the status quo, rearrange value pools and affect the way we work and live. It is therefore vital… Read more »

How to be a Better Marketer

I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of marketers of different styles, environments, and outcomes on both the client and agency side over my 13-plus years as a marketer. It is part of the fun of agency life that I can then compare and contrast the results. From that experience, I have found that some marketers… Read more »