Four Ways to Create Great Customer Experiences by Interactive Technology

Technology is changing the small business retail tech landscape. The rise and ease of e-commerce have forced many retail businesses to re-think what it means to sell products and how their customers want to buy them. Ironically, the same digital transformation putting many retailers out of business could also offer the solutions they need to keep their… Read more »

7 E-commerce Redesign Hackes for Better CRO

Redesigns are part of a website’s lifecycle. It’s a chance for you to let loose and unleash your creative talents. However, a redesign is much more than the visual design of a website. There are other factors at play – factors that impact the overall traffic and conversions. Yes, an attractive website is important, but… Read more »

10 Steps to Improve Your Mobile E-commerce Strategy

So you run an online shop, you’ve heard about Google’s recent announcement regarding a shift to mobile-first, now you’re wondering what you need to do to improve your mobile experience? Well, according to recent research, the mobile e-commerce trend is on continual rise and globally. Mapping out an effective e-commerce mobile strategy can be challenging… Read more »

Holiday email marketing strategy

In a recent survey, Campaigner found that 38% of Internet retailers are unprepared for the biggest season of the year for online shopping. In the spirit of giving, here are four email marketing tips to help you keep your holiday campaign off the naughty list:

Millennials to lead mobile Christmas shopping spree

Well, we hate the term millennials, but Dynatrace said it – not for them. Key findings include: 42% of all consumers (60% of millennials) plan to do more Christmas shopping on their smartphone or tablet this year than last year 50% of millennials (60% in the UK) will do more shopping on their smartphone/tablet than they… Read more »

Future of E-Commerce

While 2015 has seen a shift to customer-centricity, what can we expect in 2016 and beyond for the ecommerce industry? This infographic outlines some of the shifts that we can expect to see in ecommerce in the near future. The infograhic delves into the following topics: Customer experience Social media Mobile commerce Drones