Inbound Marketing & Growth Hacking

Inbound marketing is a different mindset to push marketing and it will take some time for the team to adjust. Once complete you will be able to see where prospects are in the sales funnel and forecast how many leads you expect to provide sales each month. The bigger the organisation, the more difficult it… Read more »

The Visual Guide to Content Font Styles

Are you in the process of creating or re-designing a new website for your small business? Are you trying to decide which font styles you should use? CreativeMarket shares their guide to fonts in this infographic.

Brand Storytelling Through Micro Contents

Micro-content might be “small” but in aggregate it can be “big”. That’s why we need to think more strategically and creatively about the micro-content we produce, not in isolation, but as a broader piece of work. While it’s always possible you might create impact with a one-off bit of content, this is most likely the… Read more »

How Much Content On Social 

Are you wondering what content you need to post on social media? Want to know the ideal word count to use on each platform? Express Writers share their social media content guidance in the infographic below.

Building Your Content Marketing Strategy

Do you need help planning and implementing your content marketing strategy? Would you like to know how to create content that will resonate with your potential customers? As we all know within today’s digital disruptive arena, automated content is the next. Consistently generating and share-worthy interactive content isn’t easy, in fact add a plan in place that… Read more »

Engage. Convert. Qualify. Profile.

ion Interactive presents 50 ways to produce engaging interactive content! Interactive Content Marketing Starts with Engagement. Click on a category or any of the 50 ways for more detail. Download here 

5 Ways to Build Your Content That Converts

So you got yourself a new website designed, you threw together a few lines of content for each page, and you’re wondering why your visitors aren’t getting in contact? It’s obviously the designers fault! Perhaps the content you hastily put together just doesn’t cut it with your target audience. Take the time to read over it and… Read more »

Content Marketing and SEO: Key Facts

Find below the key facts to discover on the arena of content marketing and SEO within digital transformation in the form of timeline of key events in the form of infographic as originally shared by Fourdots. The said time frame starts from 2011 until the future trends yet to implement.

5 Steps to create High Quality Content

With data and insights from Entrepreneur, Unbounce, NewsCred, Kapost, and more, Express Writers illustrates some of the most dangerous “poor quality” pitfalls that content marketers encounter, and shares the following steps to help you produce quality content every time. Write About What You Know: No amount of research can match the insight and natural knowledge… Read more »

B2B Content Marketing Upcoming Trends 2016

The following infographic on “The Big Content Spend: How and Where Are Brands Placing Their Content Marketing Budgets” shows that 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing, 55% of B2B organizations will increase their content marketing budget this year and 27 million pieces of content are shared every day.