Lead Generation Trends in 2017

Lead generation, the art of attracting potential customers to your business and converting them into buyers, has seen a rapid development in the last decades. Although it is still common to a certain degree to generate leads through conventional channels like personal referrals or telemarketing, the internet has clearly established itself as the preferred lead… Read more »

Your Lead Scoring Toolkit

Lead scoring is designed to give your organisation the best possible understanding of a business lead’s potential and ensure any positive engagements are handled in a timely and professional manner. Lead scoring takes into account factors such as email, social media and website engagement, along with other details such as job title, geography and demographics when… Read more »

Marketing Automation Implementation

Marketing automation is an effective strategy that allows you to put your marketing efforts on a pedestal as well as, develop the crucial relationship between your marketing and sales teams. Starting Out Strong: When you have gained familiarity with your marketing automation policy you will discover the wide range of people, skills and knowledge that it… Read more »

Impact of Content Marketing on Lead Generation

Content marketing can generate plenty of different types of business results within B2B digital marketing arena. It’s good for inbound marketing, i.e, website traffic and customer retention. Some companies use it just to build awareness, but for most companies, “building your business” means leads. More leads, and better leads For many companies, leads are the number… Read more »

Audit Checklist for your Email Marketing Toolkit

To start the quarter on a good note, catch errors and identify opportunities for optimization via a thorough audit of your email program. Taking a look at how things are running right now is also worthwhile to rectify within your email marketing campaigns space. In the hustle and bustle of campaign planning, creation, and execution it’s easy to lose… Read more »

Marketing Automation on a Shoestring

Marketing automation is all about finding opportunities in the customer life cycle that you could be automating to improve the outcomes, both for your business and your customers. In other words, it includes improved lead management and enhanced targeting, but the most effective automation strategies seem to be the ones that have the greatest positive impact… Read more »

Anatomy of an Efficient Marketer

Marketers are expected to be data-driven and analytical. We want them to show knowledge of marketing technology and willingness to test and explore new areas. On the other, every company wants its own Don Draper, who will spread creative ideas around, produce amazing content and provide insight into consumer psychology. The Salesmanago infographic as shown… Read more »

Marketing Leadership Perspective on Lead Generation Strategy

Prospective customers are becoming much more sophisticated about engaging with companies and sharing information marketers need to generate more qualified leads. They asked 235 marketing leaders how they are planning to reach lead generation success despite these obstacles. View below the infographic from Act-On Software to learn what they said about lead generation strategy and effectiveness, main obstacles… Read more »