Promoting Your Content: Google Adwords Vs. Sponsored Social Media

 Content comes in many forms: videos, blogs, white papers, infographics and social posts. With marketers all over the world churning out a huge amount of content every day, how can you make sure your business and its content gets seen? There are a number of things you can do to promote your content, one approach… Read more »

Facebook Ads vs. SEO: Where to Invest

If you’re considering investing in your online marketing strategy, you’ve narrowed it down to Facebook Ads or SEO, but which is best for you and your business? On one side there’s the targeting and immediate results that Facebook Ads provides, whereas SEO carried out within Google’s rules will more than likely take months and you can’t control who… Read more »

Driving ROI from Social Media Advertising

Social media has struggled to get the attention it deserves from board-level stakeholders who insist that you can’t generate ROI from social media. Consequently, social media advertising strategies at some of the world’s major brands remain very much in their infancy. Using real-life examples, the whitepaper as as shown below demonstrates how you can generate an ROI from… Read more »

Better ROI on Marketing Budget With Google Adwords

Business owners and CFOs alike are all about that bottom line. And stretching the budget is key to prolonged success. When it comes to planning your marketing budget, choosing the right channel to promote your company can be tough. But with more and more of our time being spent online, it’s no surprise that digital… Read more »