Google Integrates SEO and Penguin 4.0 Updates

Last Friday we shared some big news with SEOs all over the world: Google has officially announced the release of its Penguin Update 4.0. Penguin now becomes part of the core Google algorithm and runs in real time. Penguin 4.0 will affect the work of SEO specialists: Penguin is real-time now. This implies that any… Read more »

Facebook Ads vs. SEO: Where to Invest

If you’re considering investing in your online marketing strategy, you’ve narrowed it down to Facebook Ads or SEO, but which is best for you and your business? On one side there’s the targeting and immediate results that Facebook Ads provides, whereas SEO carried out within Google’s rules will more than likely take months and you can’t control who… Read more »

8 Ways To Display Your Social Proof Website

Are you using social proof on your website? Social proof is the positive influence created when someone finds out that others are doing something. Using it will help to convert more website visitors into warm sales enquiries. Social Proof share 8 ways to display social proof on your website in the infographic below.  

Content Marketing and SEO: Key Facts

Find below the key facts to discover on the arena of content marketing and SEO within digital transformation in the form of timeline of key events in the form of infographic as originally shared by Fourdots. The said time frame starts from 2011 until the future trends yet to implement.

Top 10 SEO trends in 2016

The SEO industry in 2015 is virtually unrecognizable from that of 2011 and earlier, and this coming year we’ll see even more changes in best practices for the industry and how we execute SEO campaigns. Learn the insider secrets to each of the 10 niche topics and stay up to date on the latest trends in… Read more »