Online Small Business Prospects in 2016

Small online businesses are optimistic about their prospects in 2016, according to findings from a new eBay study. Kit Glover, director of professional selling for eBay UK, said: “The business community should be very encouraged by the findings of our Small Business Optimism Index.Despite a tough retail environment, the fact that digital small businesses are looking… Read more »

Mobile Technology As A Global Digital Trend

In the ever-changing realm of digital, brands must consider how advertising and consumer trends differ across various regions. To help continuing with the same conversation, we take a look at mobile technology through the regional lenses of the United States, the UK, and Germany. 1. US retailers integrating mobile with different geo locations  When it comes… Read more »

Building Your Start-up Facebook Advertising Tool

Facebook Advertising In Your Start-up Marketing Strategy While Facebook has proven itself as one of the most effective advertising platforms worldwide, the advanced tools and technology offered over Facebook can often seem like a lot to take on. For major brands and media and advertising buyers, a list of tips is worth recommendable that will… Read more »

A Guide to Marketing in 2015

A Guide to Marketing in 2015 In 2015, we see search, social, PR, data and mobile become linked, connected and customer-centric. We’ll be able to automate certain tasks, but we’ll still need to create human connections that make our brands stand out to our customers. Here are some trends that we see: Search providers are… Read more »

A Customer Acquisition Strategy

The single biggest way of getting new customers is to have the ability to market and communicate what you do – effectively. But what that translates as in their mind is “I need to run some ads”. So they look for an advertising media that is most convenient or sometimes whichever on takes their fancy… Read more »