Inspiring Unicorn’s Journey: Go-Jek (Infographic)

At Skyline, we are a follower and contributor at Tech In Asia. They recently shared an inspiring story of Indonesia’s ride-hailing and on-demand services startup Go-Jek, which officially became a unicorn, at a US$1.3 billion valuation after its recent US$550 million fundraise.   In its original form in 2010, the startup founder Nadiem Makarim had a… Read more »

Significance of MVP for Start-ups

MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) while working for start-ups are the smallest but most significant feature set, you can build and sell! Not just an experiment. So what is the truth? Is an MVP a product, a subset of a product, or just an experiment? The Minimum Viable Product was first found by Steve Blank and then… Read more »

5 Branding Tips for Women-led Start-ups

Women in Tech as a target audience have more reputation for not being assertive enough and is apparently why they earn less than men. As a women founder, I think there’s a difference between being too shy and not wanting to impose on people and that causes diversity and inequality. Find as below a list of 5 tips to… Read more »

Product Market Fit Pricing Strategies for Startups

Pricing power or market power is the ability of a startup to raise prices over time. A startup gains pricing power when it creates tremendous value for its users and defend its products from the threat of substitutes and new entrants. The second component is equally critical to sustaining pricing power as the first. Recently,… Read more »

A Newbie’s Guide to A/B Testing

A/B-testing can help you make informed decisions about your marketing strategies and get the most out of your Web traffic. To start your A/B-testing, first make a plan. “Whoever fails to plan, plans to fail,” states VMO. “The first step is to determine the goal of the test.” For example, the goal may be to improve… Read more »

5 Ways to Cut Your Start-up Costs

One of the biggest concerns to any fledgling business is start-up costs. When you take the plunge and are getting to grips with running your own start-up business, the question is how can you minimise the costs associated with getting things off the ground? Here are the top five tips for reducing your start-up costs… Read more »

Life as a Startup UX

Startup life can be a whirlwind. One day you’re struggling to create a perfect prototype and the next you can be suddenly bombarded by skyrocketing sales and customer demand. As you reach a critical stage of growth, it’s important that you maintain the same level of focus and stay true to the values and  required… Read more »

The Anatomy of Determination in Start-ups

According to Paul Graham’s essay, determination is the best predictor of start-up success. Anna Vital reframed the same concept in the following infographic:   The Anatomy Of Determination In Start-ups Successful start-ups are extremely rare compared to the number of start-ups are formulated now-a-days. Determination virtue consists of three qualities, such as, discipline, ambition and wilfulness, when you… Read more »