The Basics of Conversion Rate Optimization for websites

Driving traffic to your website is merely just the start of the online customer journey – converting traffic is the end goal. Online traffic is only of value when your visitor ends their session by carrying out a specific action that you want them to complete. For example, if you are an eCommerce store, your… Read more »

How to Create Compelling Value Propositions

The dictionary defines a value proposition as, “an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a small business, product or service attractive to the customers.” This really boils down to the time honored marketing method of knowing your target audience, identifying problems, developing solutions for them and then understanding how to let the audience know… Read more »

Why Your Website Fails Buyers

New Research Reveals B2B Buyers Struggle to Find and Engage with Relevant Content on the Path to Purchase. Marketers who package together relevant pieces of content for first-touch engagement and serve them to buyers based on areas of interest, succeed. Demand Gen Report in collaboration with LookBook HQ clearly depicts how a better mix of content to… Read more »

4 Factors to Consider for Website Redesign

Time goes by quickly, especially on the constantly changing web. Technology evolves just as rapidly as trends come and go, and consumer needs and expectations shift. For that reason, to compete in the online marketplace website owners need to adapt. For the day to day, that means keeping their content up to date and doing… Read more »

8 Ways to Improve your Online User Experience

Encouraging customer engagement online can define the experience that visitors to your website have could be the difference between a lifelong customer for you and sending one to your competitors.Depending on how you look at it, this can be both simple and complex. Fortunately, with some small tweaks your website could be converting browsers to customers and loyal… Read more »

SEO for Startups and How to Get There

Each page on your site has a certain authority and this authority is determined by the total amount of inbound links you get from social networks, blogs, magazines, and various other sites across the web. From there, the authority runs through the links on each page. So, if you get a bunch of press linking… Read more »

8 Reasons Visitors Hate Your Website

So you’ve got yourself a new website, you’re promoting it as much as you can, but it just isn’t generating the results you hoped for? If your website isn’t generating leads or sales take a step back and review it as a visitor. Are you giving them the information they need quickly and easily? Or… Read more »

15 Eye-Opening Website Strategy Stats

Did you know that smartphone internet consumption increased by 78% between December 2013 and December 2015? Or that desktop internet consumption fell within the same period?  HubSpot compiled some more eye-opening stats in this post, we gave it the infographic treatment below. Being aware of key stats and emerging trends helps you understand where you need… Read more »

5 Ways to Build Your Content That Converts

So you got yourself a new website designed, you threw together a few lines of content for each page, and you’re wondering why your visitors aren’t getting in contact? It’s obviously the designers fault! Perhaps the content you hastily put together just doesn’t cut it with your target audience. Take the time to read over it and… Read more »

The Significance of A/B Testing

A/B testing is the scientific way of arriving at the truth, or at least the best option in a given set of conditions. Website A/B testing broadly means testing two versions of a webpage to see which fares better with your visitors and earns you more sales or conversions. Scientists and engineers have been using the… Read more »