The Long road to digital transformation

At eSpirit, they surveyed 200 marketing, IT and business leaders to gain insight into the state of digital transformation initiatives. Bottom-line: There is a long road ahead.
Digital transformation is one of the hottest topics going today as companies seek to align their businesses to more fully meet the expectations of increasingly more digitally aware customers. As a supplier of technology that can help companies implement digital transformation strategies, we have a keen interest in learning more about digital transformation by talking directly to people who are in the thick of it – people like you.
The best definition of “digital transformation”comes from the Altimeter Group and is defined through a customer-centric lens: “The realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.”
The impact of digital technologies is being felt far and wide by companies regardless of size or industry. Companies must change in order to deliver the type of digital experience customers have come to expect. The good news is that companies are very aware of the need to more fully embrace digital with more than 88% of the companies we surveyed expressing commitment to a digital transformation initiative.
Moreover, companies see digital transformation as so strategic that C-level executives are leading the charge, including the CEO in a notable number of organizations. But that doesn’t mean digital transformation will be an easy thing to achieve. The challenges include large numbers of customer-facing applications that need to be integrated, a broad and steadily expanding list of channels and for about half of the companies, a need to support multiple languages.
As companies look toward the future, grappling with the dual problems of legacy systems and integration are the priorities. The web CMS is seen as a way to address the integration challenge while providing the ability to deliver content to customers through multiple channels. Best-of-breed is also seen as the preferred method by a majority of respondents for integrating a diverse set of applications.

Digital Transformation Roadblocks


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