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The shift in ‘digital’ is a concept that curates and interprets the most important developments, trends and innovations in digital that effects the marketers, digital technology, e commerce practices. It is true that ‘digital’ has enabled this shift and the greatest value is almost certainly in how we can deliver better customer experiences across channels as marketers. According to most surveys, trends and predictions the following are hot topics in digital: social, data, mobile, customer experience, and content.

Further, digital will become pervasive to the point of near semantic extinction within businesses and job titles in the coming years. But beyond their obvious tactical and executional opportunities and challenges, they have much wider implications:

1. Social – is really about transparency, about trust, about unmediated content and communications, about networks. This has profound implications not only for the way we communicate and the way we make buying decisions but also the ways we work in collaboration.

2. Data – not only enables us to make smarter, quicker, business decisions but gives us the raw materials and customer insight we need to craft increasingly personalized experiences across all channels, content and interactions. Data has become significantly important in past years while creating and nurturing a brand advocacy in the marketplace.

3. Mobile – is not just a channel, or set of devices and media, but reminds us that the digital and the physical, the local and the global, are not separate but coexist simultaneously. It is “mobile” that is the catalyst driving most thinking around “multichannel”, “omnichannel”, “integration”and contributing towards unified digital experiences.

4. Personalized Customer Experience – of which ‘content marketing’ is arguably a part, is more than just making things happen. It is a fundamental cultural and philosophical change for most businesses and, perhaps, the most important source of competitive advantage in the future. It is the most important part of what ‘marketing’ as a function should deliver if marketers are able to rise to the challenge. In other word, this is the arena where we aren’t talking about small shifts in marketing organizations, but the conscious decision to develop and align your activities with the goal of personalized customer experience at the heart on one to ones basis.

Taken together these ‘digital’ trends are enabling new business models to flourish and demanding cultural changes within organisations. Digital is both a threat and an opportunity. Whilst we do not predict any ‘backlash’ against digital in 2015 we do believe we’ll see more talk about the customer – customer-centricity, customer experience, customer outcomes – and less focus on digital for digital’s sake.

Finally in a ‘digital first’ organization that has ‘customer service’ at its core, the other trends may be personalized content, using good strategy and culture, omni-channel digital experiences, digital health etc. As Charlene Li at Altimeter Group once rightly said that “Digital transformation comes down to people and relationships.”


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