3 Digital Marketing Strategies to Adopt by B2B Startups

Change is the only constant in the digital marketing landscape. To stay abreast, businesses have to pay complete and dedicated attention to the evolution and various developments that are happening in the digital marketing technology space. Especially for B2B startup agencies, it is important to take note of the specific digital trends that could up the chances of business success.
Here are some strategies that can help you stay ahead of the curve:
1. Content Marketing
More than any other channel, content marketing is steadily gaining popularity among B2B companies. More than half of the B2B players feel that content marketing will emerge as the primary form of digital marketing within the next year and a half.
Content marketing has also gained significance in the area of lead generation, with over 90 percent of B2B companies devoting significant resources to track the success of content marketing initiatives and engagements in order to increase revenue. For these companies, a comprehensive set of content marketing tools usually include whitepapers, webinars, and blogging.
Blogging has rapidly emerged as the primary force that drives and enhances inbound marketing for many companies. On the contrary, whitepapers and webinars usually include a sign up process, which helps businesses grow their prospective database. These help in establishing a company’s credibility in the long run.
Significant investment and strategic planning can help ensure that a content marketing strategy is successful over a longer period of time.
2.Marketing Automation
The rise of marketing automation platforms has greatly simplified digital marketing for B2B startup companies, due to the fact that they can efficiently systematize repetitive tasks across channels like social media and email. Organizations have tried and tested resources like Act-On and Appmanago at their disposal to systematically organize their digital marketing undertakings. This digital marketing trend is most likely to deliver quick and measureable ROI.
In addition, these platforms are advantageous to marketers in several ways. Firstly, they allow companies to see the correlation between lead generation and digital investments; secondly, they come with trigger-based communication systems that facilitate regular contact with leads; and finally, sales personnel are alerted when a customer is interested in making a purchase.
Initially, these technologies were expensive with only big budget companies having access to them. However, over time, they have become affordable and scalable as well.
3.Search Engine Optimization
Amongst all the viable digital marketing strategies, search engine optimization (SEO) has retained its significance. A large number of B2B companies swear by its strategic importance. However, SEO techniques have undergone significant changes over time and even though they feature heavily in any online marketing mix, they are usually used in consonance with other marketing activities such as content management.
Like content management, SEO has come to play an important part in inbound marketing, with keywords being used to target potential leads and draw them in, rather than just defining Meta tags on a website. As a result, back linking and link building have also gained importance.
In conclusion, marketing automation and content management have become important for companies to become successful in the digital marketing sphere. Further, with the rise of predictive analytics, which is a step in the direction of ‘artificial intelligence’, digital marketing is all set to evolve even more, transforming the entire landscape for the B2B players in startup scene. Request your request and free quote here.
Our inspiration in building your startup digital marketing strategy: “I challenged my team to reach higher, think harder and do the things that they always want to do for this campaign.” – Jeff Cohen, director of content strategy, Oracle Marketing Cloud on “The Future of Modern Marketing”, which won Best Branded Email/Content Campaign. 

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