Best Ways to Increase Page Views on Your Blog

Increasing the page views on your blog is a huge task to attract visitors. Because if the readers tend move away to another website without clicking at another pages of blog, it would increase the bounce rates. Hence certain effective steps should be taken so the viewers can embrace your blog, as it is more difficult to attract a new visitor rather than luring the visitor to visit multiple pages. The article explains about the simple and easy to implement strategies that will help you to increase the page views in your blog.
In order to engage the users it is very important to give them the enriching experience while reading so that they feel like visiting other pages.
1. Content
The main reason to attract the users towards your blog is because of its content. It is the prime factor that needs to be considered. By following the below strategies one can design the content that will appeal the users.

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  • Quality Content– This is the elementary step that needs to be put in practice. If the quality of the content is superior and is informative than readers will always want more of it. If they encounter the information that is apt and interesting they will become loyal to your blog and will help in increasing the traffic levels.
  • Appropriate links –Incorporating in appropriate links is a major flaw that bloggers tend to make. While inserting the links you need to remember that the main purpose of link is to make things easy for the visitors and not for the SEO. Adding irrelevant and unwanted links can put off the reader from reading further. The main purpose of the links should be to give more insight to the reader for any particular point or to connect the readers to the next point. External as well as internal links that are applicable can be provided depending on the need of the content.
  • Images – The content that has some images tends to be more appealing to the visitors. Not all the visitors would like to read a lot. So having some relevant images helps to carter larger mass.
  • Add ‘Related Posts’ – It is always advisable to add related posts at the end of the content. As the user has already read through the entire content it means there are chances that the user is attracted by the topic and would want to know more about it. So adding the related posts will help to address the curiosity of the readers.

 2. Navigation and search
If it will be easy to navigate across a particular blog there are chances that the user will visit it often and also visit multiple pages. So ample measures should be taken to make the navigation and search smooth for the users.

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  • Reduce time to load – Users generally don’t like to wait too long for the page to load. If it takes more than the stipulated time to load than readers usually avoid that particular site. Computer sand laptops have different browsing speed; hence it is advisable to conduct the page speed tests for both of them.
  • Include the search option – It is advisable to avail the facility of search function in your blog. The users should be enabled to search the key words in your blog. This helps the user to connect to multiple blogs and increases the page views.
  • Make blog Sidebar helpful–Sidebar needs to be helpful to the users and not distracting. It should have everything necessary for the visitor. The sidebar should be interactive but not cluttered. It should have all the features that would promote your blog.
  • Avoid ads – Placing too many ads on the blog makes it difficult for the reader to read and search. Moreover it can also reduce the blog speed. It would also hamper on your ranking by the search engines as search engines such as Google give less preference to blogs with too many ads. So it is better to avoid multiple ads.

3. Layout
Layout of the blog needs to be user-friendly and consistent. Maintaining consistency is equally important as being innovative. Users should know what to expect from the content.

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  • Maintain style and formatting –It is very vital to maintain the same style and formatting as the user will be it familiar with it. Loyal users are able to connect with the logos and color scheme of your blog. So it is advisable to follow the same style as maintaining consistency helps in building loyalty.
  • Excerpt on Front Pages – Inserting excerpts on the front page can prove to be a great help. It can arouse inquisitiveness among the users and can magnetize them to explore multiple blogs.
  • Build an Interactive Blog – Many visitors opt to go through the blog that is interactive. Having an interactive blog can involve the readers if they are allowed to comment and many visitors might visit the page repetitively to follow the comments. This could be a great aid in increasing the page views.

If you have done everything with your blog but are still unable to decrease bounce rate than the reason can be the declining page views on your blog. The article deals with effective steps that will increase your page views and make your blog resources a super-hit.

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