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E-Commerce Trends to Watch

The E-commerce industry is escalating at an unprecedented rate and shows no sign of ceasing. In references to the statista report, the global e-commerce sales are

Building A Successful Innovation Sprint with 5 Critical Success Factors

Here are the five ingredients that are crucial to a successful sprint. At Skyline, as a part of our design sprint workshops and digital strategy

5 key digital marketing skills learned with Google Squared Online

At Skyline, we are a Google Squared Online Alumni. A couple of years after graduating, and after successfully completing Squared Online, James Wragg has changed the shape of his career and the organisation he works for. Below,

7 Best Free Tools to Create Beautiful App Graphics

Creating graphics for your app doesn’t have to be a scary process, so even if you’ve never designed anything before in your life, there are

Promoting the Culture of Equality and Diversity

Equality in the workplace means that all employees have access to equal opportunities and peripherals regardless of age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs,

Tips for Managing a Work from Home Team

A day at the office doesn’t mean what it used to. With remote working growing 115 percent since 2008, working from home is an increasingly popular trend.

10 Key Business Considerations When Planning Your Microsoft Office 365 Migration Strategy [Infographic]

Microsoft Office 365 is not just the traditional functionality of the on-premises productivity suite of applications. It’s a whole new suite of cloud services designed

The Significance of Social Media Metrics

 When marketing on social media, it is important to track your metrics to determine which posts are doing best. This knowledge ensures that you can

Achieving Corporate Productivity by Collaborating Workplace

The Institute for Corporate Productivity says businesses that promote collaborative working are five times as likely to be high performing. Here’s how to get it

Mobile App Onboarding Process

Marketers are spending huge amounts of money on getting users to download their mobile app – but this is only the first half of the

Launching First Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

In today’s world of technology, every small business should be tech savvy must have their online presence. Perhaps small businesses are taking benefits and reasonable

Artificial Intelligence: Technology Landscape

The implementation of artificial intelligence                Artificial Intelligence is an intelligence exhibited by machines without needing any humans. The addition of AI to bot technology opens the

Achieving Social Media Success {Infographic}

Every now and then, we like to make a slight departure from our usual posts. Today, we’re presenting an Infographic of Social Media Tips, Tools

Link Building Tactics to Grow Your Search Traffic {www.ahrefs.com}

Why should you take your time to read this guide instead of other material available on the net? Because it includes only working white hat

Facebook & Instagram Contest Rules Trends
Facebook & Instagram Contest Rules Trends [Infographic]

Are you considering hosting a contest on Facebook or Instagram? Want to know the rules before you get started? Shortstack shares their guide to Facebook and Instagram contest success