An Insight on PPC, SEM & CTA and Improve Conversions

Web traffic campaigns can be vital to the success of brick-and-mortar businesses, so the question must be asked, are you missing out on possible returns?
What Does It All Mean? Breaking Down PPC & SEM
For anyone new to the marketing world, PPC and SEM are strategies that drive traffic to websites. PPC focuses entirely on paid ads. Your potential customers browse the web to research and discover specific services like those you specialize in. In addition to finding search results, consumers are also shown top results as “ads”. When potential customers click your links, you pay a fee, and the customer is directed to your website to learn why your business should be their preferred provider of choice.
SEM works off of the same basic principle to “get more people to your website”. However, rather than focusing on paid ads, SEM focuses on ensuring that content and page information is structured to drive your site closer to the top of search results pages.
Where PPC may drive immediate boosts in traffic, it’s more expensive as you pay per page visit. SEM may not drive the same immediate results, but ultimately it’s more cost-effective in the long run.
Where Does Web Traffic Take Us?
The end goal of PPC and SEM is to generate more traffic that results in conversions and the website viewer becoming a paid (and hopefully loyal) customer. But here’s the question to ask yourself — After a potential customer visits your website, how do they become a paying one or achieve maximum CRO — Conversion Rate Optimisation?
1. They could look you up on maps and become a walk-in customer.
2. They may call your phone number and schedule an appointment.
3. They may use an online booking software to schedule an appointment.
It’s important to remember the context here, after all, The average viewer spends less than 15 seconds on your website. Is 15 seconds ample enough time to learn about your services? Will most of these visitors take the time to call your front desk and schedule an appointment? Can you forget about them making the effort to book an appointment through cumbersome online booking software?
Entice Customers By Making it Easy To Purchase With a Call to Action (CTA)
Time to throw another acronym at you – CTA, or Call to Action. Within the first 15 seconds on your site, it’s critical to display an offer and an easy way to become a paying customer, or else a majority of your costly PPC and SEM efforts will be for naught. This is where our website plugin comes into play.

Clear CTA, Easy to Engage
Our website plug-in prominently displays the deals with call-to-action buttons that convert visitors into customers. Even better, we have campaign types for every objective!
• Coupons require no payment, meaning you’ll capture customer data for future re-marketing efforts.
• Buy-Now offers offer deals with a simple 3-step checkout process, meaning your web traffic can become paying customers without even having to call, schedule, or visit your business.
• Date Collectors collect special days of interests like birthdays, anniversaries, and company directors birthdays, meaning you can send targeted, relevant campaigns to leads and stay in front of your small business
 Are you Running PPC or SEM Campaigns?
If the answer is “yes”, but you don’t currently have a clear call-to-action, your ROI is simply never going to reach its potential. We’d love to share how our platform converts traffic into repeat customers, and continually monetizes data through consistently targeted and optimized landing pages. Let’s link up! Give us a call today at 0044-208-930-1874 or click here to fill out a short contact form to book an online free consultation today.

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