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Digital skills are increasingly vital for everyone’s lives. It’s estimated around 90% of all jobs over the next 20 years will require some level of digital skills, so we need to make sure they’re at the heart of our education system.


Nearly one in four of the UK adult population – 12.6m adults – lacks key basic digital skills, according to GO ON UK. This gap has many causes and implications, but high on the list is jobs, because those who lack digital skills are more likely to be unemployed. At Skyline, we strongly believe that if young people including school and college students and working population are inspired to create technology from an early age, they will be better equipped to face the constantly changing digital world we live in and contribute as creators of technology and change-makers to solve the most pressing local and global problems.

Digital literacy, better known as e-learning, is nothing but thoughtfully designed digital learning materials that are meant to answer the need of the hour. Ranging widely from interactive whiteboards to the implementation of document camera or rapid authoring tools, you can be sure enough to find the right product from us.

We introduce m-learning content for various mobile devices. We also implement latest ideas like mobile learning videos or games based learning in the curriculum for better understanding of the English users. Our subject matter experts are also proficient in drafting exceptional learning content that would surely keep your business ahead.

Our education products include: Course Introductions, Curriculum Support Materials, Adult Education, Teacher or Instructor Education, Smartclass Videos, Test Preparation and many more. So whether you require independent study courses or an instructor led courses, be sure to find online school management easy with authoritative, engaging and logically structured Skyline courseware.

Take a glimpse of some of our digital solutions as below:
K-12 Learning: Our courseware contains K-12 blended and online teaching and learning methodology for the better understanding of the end users. Our K-12 team follows the practices of engagement, periodical assessment, and differentiation online. We take resort to all the modern avenues available while designing a syllabus and in delivering solutions we always make a relentless effort to achieve the expectations of K-12 teachers and the community as a whole. That is why we have introduced multiple video lectures and free downloadable readings in each of our study guide.

Smart class tablet: To enrich the online learning experience, the introduction of smart class tablet has been one such defining attribute in the 21st century learning environment. It is designed to attract students’ attention and has a single very easy-to-use interface. Our smart class tablet sessions include digital learning materials along with digital content library.

Online classroom and tuition: Along with the introduction of online updates of tuition questions and high impact presentations including one-is-to-one interaction, we have made a separate niche in the field of distance learning system.

The e-Learning Alternatives: The introduction of eLearning technology at Skyline includes e-learning solutions that are designed to provide more flexibility in pertaining academic education, vocational training and on–the-job training. We provide custom e-learning development programmes like eLearning for healthcare and also eLearning services for other B2B industries likewise.

Online Course building and exam (LMS): Our college ERP software to provide best quiz making solutions for teachers and businesses are unique and used for business & training tests, assessments and educational facilities including universities, distance learning, web courses, e-learning, self-study groups, practice tests, and more. Our custom web-based institute management system services allow you to easily create & give secure online exams fulfilling your education management system requirements. Our learning management system software is blended with features like time-bound, random questions, instant feedback, multiple choice questions etc.

School Management System: In this digitized world of education and learning, the need of school management system can never be ignored. Through intranet and/or internet use, the software enables the administrative body to manage and control the schools day to day activities; teachers can assign daily or periodical tasks to the students and get their performance reports; students can attend smart class sessions or view and submit report and assignments as and when required and the parents too can keep a track of how their kids performance at the school. The incorporation of interactive whiteboards and digital content library are an added advantage that speaks for this system.

Interactive Learning CDROM for K-5: These CD-ROMs contain fun educational activities, calendar and smartboard interactive games that ensure to keep the K-5 students learning activity both engaging and entertaining, they can then explore their creative urges through both verbal and graphical means. This kit is smartly developed to encompass every sort of educational requirement of a K-5 student. With smart board games, interactive whiteboard lessons and elementary school music this package is a must have in any K-5 curriculum.

Learning Mobile Games: Smart phones are transforming the way we learn.Game based learning promises make learning more personal, playful and versatile. Our mobile learning games are poised to take the users to a hybrid world of virtual interactive characters, items and media all stacked together in a physical space through Gamified Learning process.

Rapid e-Learning: Rapid e-learning can be defined in many ways. At Skyline, we concentrate on three core areas of rapid e-learning: instructional design, visual design and performance consulting. This involves conceptualizing and creating captivating content alongside incorporating slide-slide quiz technique. It is thereby we create effective modules that look good as per international standards.

Corporate Sector Learning Solution: We ensure your return on investment in delivering comprehensive, turn-key corporate e-learning solutions to support your varying business needs, learning strategies and initiatives. At Skyline, we offer end-to-end, visually captivating corporate e-learning software-consulting services that are engaging to the very core.

e-Books (interactive flipbook): The concept of digital media is considered to be the future of knowledge sharing, entertainment and marketing. e-Books are not playing a vital part in this future, but also have become a natural evolution of the printed books. The ease of sharing e-Books makes them an ideal medium for many purposes including marketing. Our eBook writers possess all the talent and expertise required for conversion and formatting of complex eBook content like that required in an ePub conversion. Try our learning content and eBook enhancements service today and succeed with your eBook project.

Virtual Labs: Our solutions provide an end-to-end Learning Management System where the students from Computer Science & Engineering, that can avail various additional web-resources.We create a path breaking programme in creating virtual environments to offer hands-on lab experience to the Electronics & Communications students. Our virtual lab initiative is aimed to provide remote access to the Science and Engineering students at the undergraduate level, post graduate level, as well as to research scholars. This would help them in learning the basics as well as the advanced concepts through the process of remote experimentation and also share the otherwise costly lab equipment.


We ensure that you receive the most current and comprehensive course materials and support that are tailored to deliver specific learning objectives. Our online training courses are designed to meet the expectations of educators and individuals across platforms seeking to improve their information absorption, retention, and general learning potential on a whole.

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