How to Improve Your Website Visibility By On-page SEO

What comes to mind when you think of your website’s success? Is it how you can make your website friendlier to search engines to drive high traffic? It’s also vital that you target your potential audience rather than search engines. Of course, there are certain search engine optimization (SEO) rules that demand your attention. After completing the Off-page SEO guide, we need to look into the on-page elements of the website. A few considerations to avoid the pit of penalties for site violations are as below:
• Completely avoid auto-generated content.
• Refrain from participating in link schemes.
• Never hide under the false veil of cloaking.
• Avoid using sneaky redirects.
• Never stoop to having hidden links or text.
• Stay clear of unethical doorway pages.
• Create fresh, original content to replace scraped text.
• Never mislead readers by adding popular yet irrelevant keywords.
• Don’t abuse the rich snippet mark up.
• Stop sending automated queries to Google.

Significance of On-Page SEO Factors

On-page SEO factors including keywords, meta tags, and outbound links really matter when reaching success for your business. Running through a checklist of key on-page SEO factors is crucial for making your brand’s content and products more visible on the World Wide Web. Using these on-page SEO strategies will positively improve your website quality and result in the following:
•  Your page rank is going to shoot up.
• You’ll see a jump in your click-through rate (CTR).
• You’ll be pleasantly find rich snippet on your Google search results.
• Your analytics reports will surprise you with a surge in traffic.
• All of these combined will result in a higher conversion rate.
• With increased conversions, you’ll see your revenue soar.

Violations Can Prove Costly

The violation took place in 2007 when the BMW site was found selling links and was penalized. Google took manual action against the website and manually downgraded BMW’s page rank. Although it’s uncertain when the penalty was lifted, the website suffered heavily and currently is PR8. The following infographic will bring together more valuable information and similar case studies. Paying closer attention to these on-page SEO factors will help you provide the best content and user experience for good rankings.

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