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Broadstrokes Group

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Broadstrokes Group

Broadstrokes Group is close to our India based client Abhisht Gupta who always wanted to bring change and improve less privileged people’s lives. This is what motivated him to initiate with this project that not just emphasize on generating businesses but also take care of corporate social responsibility facets. When gave us an overview about Broadstrokes Group, we were overwhelmed with the idea of creating a website keeping in mind his business requirements.

The website was created in PHP and our team did an excellent job of making this project a reality among masses. Our creative thinkers churned out the best ideas to execute the functionalities in an ideal way and that’s the way we overcame challenges that came in the way of making a website. The below mentioned were few obstacles we faced:

  • For corporate social responsibility, we were not getting enough content but after a few days, we managed to create separate tabs for Mentoring Youth and Enhancing Employability, Care for Elders, Environmental Sustainability and Improving Maternal Health.
  • Upgrades are a necessary cost of using a content management system. So, the more complex the system is, there can be breakage of some things. This is one of the biggest things that came in our way of launching a website but we did it quite well without posing any harm to the website.

After making a complete analysis of the website, we performed a magnificent job and indeed, client was quite satisfied with the astonishing outcomes. Many more projects are in pipeline as client has shown much confidence in our talented and hard-working team.

Website URL: http://www.broadstrokesgroup.com/


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