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Etelligent Group

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Etelligent Group

Being a reliable IT service provider, eTelligent Group has always been a very influential project for Skyline. The group is already working as a trusted partner of the Federal Government in NJ and delivers highest level of customer satisfaction through continuous process improvement.

This is a company that believes in solving complex problems with their expertise in delivering custom IT enabled services. It was such an esteemed pleasure working with eTelligent group that has come a long way with its specialized knowledge and experience. Till now, they have worked with Amtrak, Alere, IRS, AIG, FedEx, Domtar, Cardinal Health and many more big names they have been working with.

Since it is a single organization, the role of IT sector in keeping up with the pace of tech innovation will prove to be crucial and paves a way for the growth and expansion of business.

While we were working on this Web portal, there were few challenges faced by our team of professionals and they overcame those exceedingly well: Navigation: We only used easy to understand and logical names for the various pages of website since it will not turn off the users. So, that’s who we built the website so that no problem arises for eTelligent Group clients.

  • Social Media integration: There are plenty of social media platforms out there and it is imperative to promote your presence on them. We integrated these platforms into the website which would keep all the users engages and it has already made a lot of difference.

Moving forward, Skyline Developers team is all geared up to hand on the opportunities and would certainly bring out the fruitful results for Etelligent in future as well. As of now, the project looks perfect and it has already outshined a big competitor base.

Web Portal: http://www.etelligent-group.com/


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