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We do collaborate with our service provider affiliate organization at Appsimity Solutions, while delivering for the project Yallal.

Yallalba being a brainchild of Ousman Bah was so enthralled when he discussed his requirement of creating a website that focuses on how projects run by Ousman’s Non-Profit organization can make the lives of underprivileged children better and help them realize their dreams.

Our team of web designers started with creating PSD’s, UX designs and HTML of the website. This is how we got the website rolling with attractive diagrams, eye-appealing designs which catch the user’s attention the moment they visit on the website. Donate button on the right top of the website serves the purpose of receiving donations from people who want to contribute their bit towards the welfare and improving educational opportunities for children.

The proficient team of Appsimity in collaboration with Skyline, worked on Homepage, AboutUs, Projects, Get Involved, Donate, Gallery, Media & Press Releases and Contact Us as per the requirements shared by the client.

Talking about the challenges, well there were not many as such and so, we put in our considerable efforts to make this project a huge success:


  • Since content is the fuel for a website, we received it from Ousman to make it look great and that complete the whole story of the website.
  • With the awesome design of the website, we have managed to increase volunteers for helping Gambian children.

This is just the commencement of this project and it will continue to grow with the improvement in children’s lives. Ousman Bah is satisfied with our work and applauded the team’s efforts for doing such a great job. He was so elated that he gave us a right to embark on the social media journey of Yallalba.

Website URL: http://profile.appsimity.com/educate/index.php


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