Social Media Rio Olympics 2016

Different platforms offer different attractions, for users and for marketers.
The Olympic Games is unquestionably the heavyweight title holder of international sports events This summer, more than ever before, social media will alter fans’ Olympic viewing habits, presenting digital marketers with unparalleled opportunities to target viewers during the event.
As viewers continue to move to mobile screens, digital ads that target mobile consumers on phones and tablets are a must-have. Further, video and user-submitted content may be watched by as many as 30 million people enable us to increase and deepen the sense of connection and presence.
When we talk about Olympics sports, we immediately think of Twitter. Twitter is where the writers and expert commentators are, and their opinions and observations will help drive traffic to articles, websites and television. Facebook has embraced video in a big way. That means users are going to see more highlights and medal-winning moments and they’re going to get a lot more dynamic content on this platform. Snapchat will create daily Live Stories combining content from NBC, athletes and sports fans at the scene. Another major platform is Instagram, where viewers can go for spectacular photography of the games and Rio itself. Video is available on Instagram, but people are accustomed to looking for photography on this site.
Social media lets you target people based on their interests, whether that’s people following specific writers covering the Olympics, people following individual athletes or teams, or enthusiasts for specific sports. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are robust targeting platforms and marketers can day part that targeting to the specific times when events of interest occur. Everyone’s interests and consumption is measured on social media, which makes for an opportunity that is radically different than the kind of social advertising traditionally associated with events like the Big Game. Television will continue to air high-budget, big-production commercials, while social platforms can focus on targeting users’ feeds with passion-based messaging.
As the ultimate international sports venue, the Olympics speak to each country differently, but always with a unified national team spirit. In a politically divided U.S., this 16-day period is one time when advertisers can count on a whole nation cheering for the same contenders.
For just over two weeks, we’re on the same team.
Image Credit: Daily Mail

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