Startup Landing Page Design Tips for Better Conversion

Design plays a significant role in getting your Landing Page visitors to convert. While your Landing Page content tells your visitor everything they need to know, the design elements of your page show your visitor where to go, we’ve asked our designers what they think makes a perfect Landing Page. Here’s what they said.
Tip 1: Keep It Clean And Consistent
Modern Landing Page tools are loaded with all kinds of bells and whistles (fonts, colors, endless options, really) which make them dynamic and powerful, but that doesn’t mean you have to use every trick in the book. A few simple items to focus on:

  • Clear and concise headlines
  • Images and video that directly relate to your copy and reflect your brand
  • Clear calls-to-action

Tip 2: Choose Colors That Convert
All colors are not created equal when it comes to website design. Color affects your visitors’ psych and emotions, as different colors generally will provoke certain emotional responses. For example, if you want someone to trust your page, you might make a majority of it blue — the color most associated with trust, loyalty, and security. Utilizing colors to induce particular emotions is great; however, your Landing Pages still need to follow your brand standards and color paletteCheck out this awesome infographic about color and emotion from our friends at CoSchedule!

Tip 3: Choose Images That Engage Visitors
Including high-quality images on your landing pages is an amazing way to engage visitors and keep them from quickly exiting. A captivating image can take your landing page from good to great, plus strategically selected and placed images help with organic search results (if properly labeled), drive emotion and provide more CTRs.
Tips For Using Images On Landing Pages

  • If possible, show your product being used in context. Try showing your product in action with real people in real situations
  • Your images need to be eye-catching. Don’t even bother adding a photo if it isn’t interesting or doesn’t add significant value to your Landing Page
  • Include a product hero image that shows the visitors everything they’re getting or what they can expect

Finally, as per Parneet Singh, SKYLINE, Design Manager “Your Landing Page is an extension of your brand. It’s important that every visual detail aligns with that brand personality in order to create trust and credibility. Consistency across your visual elements will ultimately create engagement and loyalty.”


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