Why AI is the Future of Content marketing

In 2016, agile digital agency Skyline was struggling to create enough content at scale while maintaining quality, a challenge faced by many marketing organizations. At the same time, advancements in marketing AI (artificial intelligence) convinced me that machine-assisted content could be a possibility in the near future.

The big question I couldn’t get out of my mind was: Could my company automate and scale our content marketing activities using marketing AI to create greater value for our clients and efficiency for our business?

Now is the perfect time for content marketers to get ahead along this curve.

Here’s how:

  1. Evaluate repetitive, manual marketing tasks that could be intelligently automated. There are dozens of AI-powered marketing tools that you can use to plan, optimize, create, personalize, promote, measure, and analyze content. Tools like Acrolinx help you plan and optimize, while solutions like Automated Insights help you create content at scale. Tools like OneSpot offer personalization and promotion. And AI tech like Curata and Scoop.it are great for promoting, measuring, and analyzing that content’s performance. (See an expanded list of useful content marketing AI tools here.)
  2. Assess opportunities to get more out of your data. There are plenty of ways to discover insights, predict outcomes, devise strategies, personalize content, and tell stories at scale with the right type and amount of data. However, the right type and amount of data are highly specific to your organization and your needs. Marketers should involve the internal owners of datasets in this process as soon as possible.
  3. Consider the AI capabilities of your existing marketing technology. Platforms like Salesforce, IBM and HubSpot are actively integrating AI into their existing products. Existing platforms give content marketers a great place to start familiarizing themselves with AI capabilities. From there, explore the potential of emerging AI solutions. (The Marketing AI Institute is a great place to start.)

Content Marketing Careers are About to Change. Rapidly
This is only the beginning of marketing AI. While developments are moving fast, most content marketers have not undertaken many studies
of how AI can and will affect their jobs, performance, and businesses. Artificial intelligence won’t just automate or augment certain content marketing activities. It will also alter how marketing channels work and which skill sets are required to thrive in the near future.
When marketing AI systems are able to automatically optimize search and paid campaigns, the skills valued in marketers will change. As marketing AI is increasingly able to generate insightful reports, the type of analysis required of and valued by marketers will be different than in the past. If marketing AI is able to write basic content, content marketers will need to adapt.
This is obvious: marketing skills change with the times. But with marketing AI, these skills will change faster than in the past. As intelligent systems learn and improve, they will become more and more capable of performing cognitive tasks formerly reserved for humans.

Marketing AI is Already Here
We expect this shift to happen far faster than the transition from traditional to digital or mobile channels. Content marketers should prepare now.

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